Lake Forest

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Lake Forest Is a Beautiful City Offering Lots of Recreation

The City of Lake Forest is committed to ensuring the optimal quality of life for their community by providing innovative, effective and efficient services.

Lake forest offers their residents 32 parks providing entertainment for people of all ages.  In fact, Lake Forest even has Dog Parks and Skate Parks!

Beautiful lakes provide both a serene view and many recreational opportunities.  This is a City that was certainly designed with the residents in mind.


Lake Forest Sports Park & Recreation Center

The California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS) is the statewide professional organization for parks and recreation professionals. At its annual awards ceremony held on March 11, 2016, CPRS recognized the Sports Park and Recreation Center with the 2015 Park Planning Award. The award recognizes excellence in design of public park facilities including high standards in the areas of planning, design, community involvement, operation and maintenance, quality of aesthetics, usability, accessibility and versatility.

This is the fourth design award the facility has won. Other design awards include: “Parks and Recreation Project of the Year” (American Public Works Association); “Engineering Project Achievement Award” (Orange County Engineering Council); and, “Parks and Recreation Project of the Year” (American Society of Civil Engineers, Los Angeles Section).

“After a long journey to transform 86 acres of land into one of the largest recreations sports park in Orange County, visited by nearly 200,000 people in the past year, receiving this award is the frosting on the cake,” Scott Wasserman, Director of Community Services.

New Neighborhoods in Lake Forest

Lake Forest is Creating New Opportunities

Lake Forest’s New Neighborhoods are part of the City’s Opportunities Study – a project re-zoning over 800 acres of business/industrial use land. The zone changes allow for approximately 4,300 new homes as well as public facilities, including a sports park and community/civic center. As a result of this successful zone change, the City is continuing to welcome new master-planned neighborhoods to Lake Forest. These pages, along with our New Neighborhoods Facebook page, will be resources for the community throughout the planning and development process. We’ll tackle the fun, and the not-so-fun, issues on these pages. We welcome your involvement and feedback throughout the process!

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